Icon-Violet by Simon Fay

At the far reaches of space, Violet has been betrayed by Yellow and left to certain death. Once, they shared a common pool of memories. Now, Yellow has destroyed their bond. And so starts Violet’s perilous journey across the galaxy, whereupon questions of fate will force them to confront mistakes that continue to haunt them both… Icon-Violet: Find out what happens when one mind is split in two.

BULK by Simon Fay

The most shocking thing about Barbara Dunne isn’t how big she’s gotten through the sport of bodybuilding. No, it’s how big she’s made her husband in twenty years of grossly overfeeding him. Desperate to have a child, Barbara intends to take drastic measures to maintain this odd coupling. In the winding estates of Santry, Dublin, she must banish her husband’s drinking buddy, an aging skirt chaser with more gut than charm. Battle the botox-stiffened blonde trying to steal his heart. And worst of all, Barbara Dunne will have to destroy her husband’s newfound desire to go on a diet. A demented downward spiral of tragic black humour, BULK by Simon Fay is a story you won’t soon forget.

People in Season by Simon Fay

The untouched – psychopathic personality types banned from professions where they could do harm. Agent Mullen is a man tasked with rooting out these dangerous social contaminants. Assigned to the newsroom of Dublin’s most popular media service, he has to be careful when he meets Ava O’Dwyer, a woman who’s prepared to begin a game where seduction, deceit and murder are all fair play… Winner of the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair, People in Season by Simon Fay is a darkly compelling tale that you won’t be able to put down.