The World of Edena Review

Moebius has contributed to some of the greatest motion pictures of all time, so it was a treat to discover his work in graphic novel form.

Last Ones Left Alive

Last Ones Left Alive by Sarah Davis Goff is both a worthy entry in the over-bloated zombie genre and the much smaller world of Irish horror novels.

The Prestige Movie vs Book

The Prestige by Christopher Priest is a different story entirely than The Prestige by Christopher Nolan. Yet they are somehow very much the same...

Consider Phlebas Book Review

It can be difficult to sum up Consider Phlebas in a single sentence, which is fitting, given the ambiguous nature of its characters and plot...

Science Fiction Books for Beginners

When it comes to the expansive canon of science fiction, there are countless classics. But which ones are the best science fiction books for beginners?

Beyond the Horizon Art Book Review

Beyond the Horizon by John Harris explores some of the science fiction artists best work, most of which you might not have seen before.

Dragon’s Egg by Robert L. Forward

Dragon's Egg by Robert L. Forward is an extraordinary hard science fiction novel. But is it too hard for people who don't read sci-fi?

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell

The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell puts forward a unique concept: What if the Catholic Church sent a missionary to another planet?


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